By Liel Cheri

As a mom myself, I know how frustrated and intimidated  you're feeling with your postpartum bodymommy tummy and weak pelvic floor!

Guess What?   You Still Can Have A



Whether you had a baby 2 months ago or 20 years ago...
Whether you have 1 kiddo or 10 kids!

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Join THE WAITING LIST for my brand new course CORE and PELVIC FLOOR RESTORE CLUB :

By Post Natal Expert

Liel Cheri

8 Week Post Pregnancy
Core and Pelvic Floor Restore Club
Hi momma, I'm so thrilled to have you here and to share with that you're only a few weeks away from getting that mommy tummy into the best shape you've ever had!

Core and Pelvic Floor Restore Course is about to lunch on *new date * December 1st! 
By Christmas you can wear the sexiest dress ever and feel like a Hollywood star walking on the red carpet with your baby / babies next to you!

Aren't you excited?!

Here is what Core and Pelvic Floor Restore course is going to include.
  • Heal Your Pelvic Floor - One of the most parts to begin with on your postpartum healing journey.
  • Close Your Ab Separation (Diastasis Recti) - 99% of women given birth have ab separation that need to get work done to close it back again. I did it within 4 weeks after giving birth with both of my babies. In this course I'm going to teach you the most effective exercises to close this gap.
  • Flatten Your Core - Bye bye mommy pooch. Yes, everyone can enjoy a flatter tummy even get better results before your were pregnant.
  • Bye Bye Leaking - Ready to jump around with your kids like you're a kiddo yourself. In this course we will work how to fix leaking so you can sneeze, fart, jump, run without peeing your pants.
  • Bye Bye Back Pain - We will cover what cause moms back pain and how to heal it.
  • Royalty Pasture - We will cover how get a strong healthy shoulders and royalty posture.
  • Mommy Bum - We will work on toning and strengthening your tush. 
  • Total Body Strength -  We will work on strengthening your entire body
  • BONUS - "ABS Made in The Kitchen" - Guide.
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